Review: Rhythm Of The Rain 聽見下雨的聲音 (2013)

Rhythm Of The Rain seems to promise a journey of love and music, but it doesn’t take you very far.

Rhythm Of The Rain 3

First, let’s talk about the plot. The film is quite sparse – bits and pieces of events here and there but nothing interesting. One moment, Allen (Alan Ko) and his friends find new light in their music career when a company is interested to help his band release an EP. Allen also falls in love with Yujie, and meets his old lover somewhere down the road. Then, Yi Le (Allen’s friend) has a love interest towards Yujie. None of these are well weaved to give a good sense of unity. Amidst all the loose plots happening, all the characters take part in a festival that is supposed to be very important (but it doesn’t seem to have a great impact on their lives at the end).

Rhythm Of The Rain 4

Moving on, the characters are neither here not there. The male lead Allen, is a rocker but his passion for music doesn’t carry well in the film. He seems more like a failed lover. The female lead Yujie doesn’t leave a very deep impression either. The supporting cast are normal, they don’t help to drive the film or have any real deep purpose on screen.

Rhythm Of The Rain 2

Nevertheless, there are some little things that contributes to the redeeming factor. After the supposedly major festival they attend, we are revealed a series of events that take place before the story proper (sort of a mini flashback). There are a few good moments but they seem to appear at the wrong moment of the film. The film is already ending, and this “revelation” of how characters’ met and Yujie’s sweet moments with her first boyfriend doesn’t heighten anything. The verdict: Structure is missing. Perhaps, if some scenes were switched around and the run time shortened, a better movie could have been presented?

[This paragraph might contain spoilers] Oh, some of story takes place in Singapore. I am HUGELY disappointed at the scenes shot in Singapore and the logic of things that happens here. Why the hell are they staying at Capella Resorts when Yujie is here for an operation, not a holiday? And Yujie doesn’t seem to be rich either! Why is there a shot of butlers waving towards the camera as the car drives off (oh gosh). Why do they have to go to Dempsey Hill to have…chicken rice?!?! (I personally recommend Boon Tong Kee, you don’t need a posh environment to eat decent chicken rice, even the hawker sells good ones here). And the SliverKris Lounge and SIA first class (or business, I’m not sure) scenes on the plane. Everything shot in Singapore suddenly became very touristy, as if shooting a TV commercial, losing the initial mood of the film.

The one good thing about this film is it’s theme song.

After watching (and loving) Giddens Ko’s You’re The Apple Of My Eye, I’ve always longed for another good movie featuring wild and crazy youthful times. I guess I have to wait a bit more.

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10 thoughts on “Review: Rhythm Of The Rain 聽見下雨的聲音 (2013)

  1. Hi there, i’ve just finished watch this movie but there were certain scenes that i dont understand. Particularly the ending.. did alan ko ended up with yu jie? And what about about the post-credits scene? There were some chinese sentences which i think allan wrote to yu jie, but i couldnt make up the words. You may email me if it contains spoilers. Thanks 🙂

      1. hai,can you tell me where you can find the english subtitle of this film? i’m looking for it everywhere but find it nowhere,thanks

      2. which country are you residing in? i believe the DVD is out now, you can try getting a copy!

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