As the year comes to an end, I thought I’d do an informal ceremony on Hong Kong films of 2013. Well, the Hong Kong Film Awards is held in April annually but why not have one to see what the Hong Kong cinema has brought us so far!

In this ceremony, I don’t care…there’s gonna be more than 1 winner for an award! Because they deserve it!

Best Comedy

Journey To The West: Conquering Demons 西遊·降魔篇

Journey-to-the-West-Poster movie 2013

No doubt a winner coming from director Stephen Chow. But that’s not the only reason – there aren’t many notable comedies in 2013 for HK. Even if there were, I wonder if they can beat Conquering Demons. Laughter in the cinema from the beginning till the end, tears in the midst of enjoying the funny moments. The best comedies are those that make you laugh and cry. I’m definitely looking forward to the sequel!

Review available here.

Best Art Direction/Best Visual Effects/Best Soundtrack/Most Exciting Film/Best Cinematography/Good Script Award/Best New Director

Rigor Mortis 殭屍


Wow, wow, okay. I’m not biased but this is really a film to watch. First time director Juno Mak has a lot of potential. A well-crafted piece of art with a story that leaves you thinking.

Review available here.

Best Art Direction/Best Cinematography/Confusing Protagonist Award

The Grandmaster 一代宗師


Many have expressed that the story focuses on Zhang Ziyi’s character instead of what the film aims to show – Ip Man (Tony Leung). No doubts for the technical awards but perhaps something didn’t work out good enough in the storytelling.

Best Chinese New Year Film

Hotel Deluxe 百星酒店 & I Love Hong Kong 2013  2013我愛香港:恭喜發財



Well, there’s usually 2 coming from different companies – Pegasus Motion Pictures and Shaw. This year I’d say it’s a tie…because both are kinda equally ‘peaceful’. Not exceptionally touching or funny.

Nice Wardrobe Award


Charlene Choi’s clothes in The Midas Touch.

Review available here.

Best Film (so far, based on what I’ve watched)

Unbeatable 激戰


Possibly the best film in terms of story, character development and action. It’s not just about MMA but also about character growth and redemption. It brought me on a journey, I believe it’ll do so for many.

Review available here.

Best Actor (so far)


Nick Cheung, Unbeatable 激戰

Second reason: His acting is so good that he can fall into a crocodile pool and yet survive in The White Storm. Kudos!

Best Actress

I’ve yet to really see one in the films I’ve watched but I’m looking forward to Carina Lau in Bends, which opens next year. I guess her opponent would be Zhang Ziyi.

Disappointing Film Award

Special I.D 特殊身分

Donnie Yen, yes…but the film lacks a good story. His name on the movie poster hypes things up a little but sadly…

Illogical But Entertaining Film Award

The White Storm 掃毒


Millions of bullets fired, fierce action scenes but the important people always manage to stay alive until the moment they need to die.

To see why it’s illogical, click here.

Most Improvement + Entertaining Film Award

Young Detective Dee: Rise Of The Sea Dragon 狄仁杰之神都龙王


Part I was a letdown but Tsui Hark does not make this second film in the Detective Dee series a disappointing one. Mark Chao is okay as the younger version of Detective Dee. Very nice action choreography at times.

Review available here.

Not Romantic Enough RomCom

Together 在一起

3 couples, 3 love stories, only 1 which is slightly better. I don’t feel the love watching this romantic comedy.

Worst Script/Worst Characterization

Out Of Inferno 3D 逃出生天

I think I did mention this in my review: the film is in 3D but the characters are not very 3-Dimensional. The feel like robots, and that’s something VERY VERY wrong because it’s Louis Koo and Sean Lau I’m looking at! So, should we blame the script?

Review available here.

Worst Film

Switch 天機:富春山居圖

A lousy commercial film. Characters with “wth” motivations. No depth, no story but I don’t blame Andy Lau.

Well, that’s your Awards List for now! Maybe more updates as I go along…

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