As a kid, I remember it was always exciting when they were showing a Jackie Chan movie on television. Even though they have been repeated to death, it’s always nice to re-watch the action and comedy. Moreover, there’s Jackie Chan stunts that reminds one of Buster Keaton.


So, it started from Police Story 1, 2,3 and 4…seriously, I don’t even remember which one I’m watching when it’s on air. For awhile, this series was really a hit. As I grew up, I had different thoughts and I felt that the earlier series were actually…too old for me. Things were changing, the types of movies people watch are changing too.

The series stopped at Police Story 4 in 1996. Came 2004 and New Police Story starring Jackie Chan, Nicholas Tse and Daniel Wu was screening in cinemas.


I had my reservations – will it turn out to be something of the old school kind again? Hmm, teenagers born after the 80s and 90s might not be able to stand it…I admit I was worried but hey, I was so glad they did away with all the simple plots of the past. What we had in 2004 is a film that scales up everything, with deeper plots and characters as well as more difficult missions. With all that, the humor and comedy remained. It was a good film. (although I felt that Jackie can improve on his crying scenes)

Moving on, almost 9 years after New Police Story, we now have Police Story 2013. You ask: why? CZ12 was a little dry but you know, it’s Jackie…he deserves some chance.


So, I entered the cinema and watched a good 25mins of commercials before the movie finally started. And I have to say again, the Police Story escalates again in terms of scale, plot and character. A good script, a hero and a lack of Jackie Chan stunts but it doesn’t matter. I’d say it’s probably the best of scripts in all the different Police Story movies so far.


A Hero

In Police Story 1-4, Jackie’s usually the cop who saves the day and nabs the bad guys. In New Police Story, he has a slightly deeper character – he is a cop who is trying to redeem himself by tracking down the mastermind who killed his colleagues.

In this most recent film, he is not only a cop but a father who is seeking redemption for the daughter that he has neglected. In fact, we don’t see him only as a police officer, he is the man that you admire for his courage and nerves, and the love for his daughter.

To be honest, I actually felt he has a chance to contest for Best Actor in the Hong Kong Film Awards for his role…it’s a film which lets us see the actor side of Jackie. There aren’t a lot of action but it contains enough fight scenes that leaves action fans satisfied.



A Journey

The exciting film keeps your thinking about the mystery. I think the script is well written, some thoughts about a certain guy towards the end but yea, the film’s still great to watch. Be sure to anticipate a darker story but not to worry, there are some light-hearted moments to calm the storm.


A Perspective

The film provides thought about man and his selfishness as mystery is slowly revealed. One of the rare times where a Jackie Chan action film actually prompts you to think about human nature. Kudos to the writer.


Something aside, I like the recurring motif in the film. If you notice, the spider or web appears in most scenes. It’s like saying we’re all in this intricate web, and how Jackie and the victims are all preys waiting to be devoured by the mastermind. Well, just something interesting to note in the art direction! You will know better why “spider” is significant after watching.

Really worth a watch, even on DVD if you miss the theatrical release!

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