This thought of having yet another firefighting movie from Hong Kong might flash across. Especially so after Out Of Inferno, starring Sean Lau and Louis Koo, also featured the same subject matter but had a poor story. I secretly hope that As The Light Goes Out would not be a letdown and thankfully, it’s a great film. Everyone deserves an award.

AsTheLightGoesOut-posterMy first memory of a firefighting film is probably Johnnie To’s Lifeline (十萬火急). As a kid, I found the film exciting and was touched by several moments (might feel different if I watch it again now). As The Light Goes Out shares some similarities with the 1997 film but hey, it’s been some…16 years now. You can expect grand sets and a more intense storyline which deals about human choices in times of danger. Yet another film with “man and his selfishness” as theme but somewhat lacking a little something to make it more “wow”. Nonetheless, it’s a good film that sets you thinking, and I’m sure you will like it and recommend it to your friends.

AsTheLightGoesOut2What’s there to say when you have Nicholas Tse, Simon Yam and Shawn Yue? Not to forget, Hu Jun from China pulls a strong performance. At times, it feels like the film tries to give Hu Jun’s role a bigger attention through his voice-overs, not sure if it worked perfectly but he did have a greater presence.

AsTheLightGoesOut3The film shined another light on me. I knew about firefights but not that much in detail…until I saw the film. It’s not like you get to know all about what they do in the 2 hours but trust me, your respect for firemen (and people of similar occupations) will increase by more than 1000% after watching this film. You don’t know a fireman’s struggles until you’ve experienced standing inside a room, or a factory full or smoke and you can’t see anything. And all you have are your senses, and guts. And deja vu strikes you. Amidst all these, you have to make life and death choices. These are some things that go through the characters’ minds as we see, and not everybody has the strength to do it. The film really lets you see the limits fireman may experience in real life and maybe, like me, you will come to treasure the people whose job you don’t know very much about, but is thankful when they appear in times of need. And I think that’s what this film has done to surpass the other firefighting films (so far). Oh, and look out for an exciting cameo!

For such a great film, I really hope you guys reading this post can check out the making-of! Here’s some videos I’ve compiled from youtube, it’s really worth checking out!

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On Preparation For The Film

On Filming

On The Characters

On The Visual Effects