While the Oscars’ just round the corner, let’s not forget about the Hong Kong Film Awards which will take place on 13 April, 2014.

(for a full list of nominees, head over to http://www.hkfaa.com/winnerlist.html)

Let’s begin with the nominees for Best Film. (Find me on Facebook)

As expected, Wong Kar Wai’s epic The Grandmaster which was announced 10 years before it was finally conceived, is one of the nominees.

  1. 一代宗師 The Grandmaster
  2. 西遊‧降魔篇 Journey To The West : Conquering The Demons
  3. 狂舞派 The Way We Dance
  4. 掃毒 The White Storm
  5. 激戰 Unbeatable

一代宗師 The Grandmaster

IFA film that scores well in terms of technical aspects. Definitely worth being nominated from sound design, cinematography to art direction. But I’m not sure if the story bought me over. Though I love Tony Leung a lot, it’s not enough to make me fall in love with this film. Guess I might need a re-watch to judge but I’m not voting it to be a winner!

西遊‧降魔篇 Journey To The West : Conquering The Demons

Journey-to-the-West-Poster movie 2013Definitely one of the best comedies, no one can easily defeat Stephen Chow. Like his many other movies, this one makes you wanna watch it again and again, no matter how many times the TV’s gonna repeat it. I’m glad that the film’s nominated for Best Film but with the other contenders, chances of this film winning may be bleak. Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to the sequel! (a review on the nonsensical but awesome film)

狂舞派 The Way We Dance

狂舞派POSTERSadly, I’ve not watched this film (since it wasn’t shown in my territory) and is unable to judge it. But this film is certainly one to look out for since it was hyped up in Hong Kong during it’s release. Even Aaron Kwok commented that maybe he can appear in the sequel, so you know how much attention this film has caught. Perhaps an underdog film contesting for this award but remember back in 2010, Gallants 打擂台 (another underdog film beating all the other commercial big pictures) won Best Film at the 30th Hong Kong Film Awards. We never know what’s gonna happen…

掃毒 The White Storm

whitestormposter“Heh” is what I have to say when you ask me about this film. Despite the extravagance of bullets and money spent on firearms, and some illogical plot points, it’s actually a good film. Not your best thriller…not your best action film, not your best character…but the film as a whole provides enough emotainment (emotional+entertainment). If you ask me, I don’t think this film will win Best Film. (a review on the number of bullets wasted in the film)

last but not least, we have…


Unbeatable_posterBest film? Maybe, out of all…I find it the best in terms of story and character development. Probably my best film out of the 4 (since I’ve not watched The Way We Dance). It brings you on a journey of self redemption. Applause. (a review on how good the film is)

That being said…my prediction is 激戰 Unbeatable vs 狂舞派 The Way We Dance. Either of the 2 might win…come April and we’ll know.

Now, it’s your turn to vote…which of the films do you think is gonna win Best Film? Or, if you feel strongly that another film should have been nominated, hit the keyboard in “others” box below!