Review: The Journey 《一路有你》(2014)

“生命聚散有時,回頭一望,感謝這一路上有你溫暖的陪伴。“ 戲里藏著濃濃的含意,讓你回想一下自己的人生。 What can you associate with an old man that looks to be sixty years old? Probably…sixty years of conservatism and traditional old ways. Indeed, there’s a lot of old-fashioned customs highlighted in The Journey thanks to Uncle Chuan (Frankie Lee), our lovely old man who brings us great surprises as the story unfolds. … More Review: The Journey 《一路有你》(2014)

Brace yourselves for ICEMAN 3D 冰封:重生之門 3D

Yes, Donnie Yen has returned for another martial arts film! The film is a remake of the 1989 film The Iceman Cometh starring Yuen Biao. More than 20 years later…expect grand visuals and action choreography to happen on screen! And here’s something else to feast your appetite before the film’s official release! Taiwanese singer Jam … More Brace yourselves for ICEMAN 3D 冰封:重生之門 3D