the journey_banner“生命聚散有時,回頭一望,感謝這一路上有你溫暖的陪伴。“


the-journey-malaysia-filmWhat can you associate with an old man that looks to be sixty years old? Probably…sixty years of conservatism and traditional old ways. Indeed, there’s a lot of old-fashioned customs highlighted in The Journey thanks to Uncle Chuan (Frankie Lee), our lovely old man who brings us great surprises as the story unfolds.

One fine day, a kid comes running to him and shouts “There’s a ghost outside your house!” and moments later, he realizes that his daughter has returned after studying abroad for years…and standing next to her is the ghost – her angmoh (foreigner) boyfriend. This is what turns Uncle Chuan’s life upside down. Communication between a Cantonese speaker an Englishma sparks lighthearted humour when the two go across Malaysia and delivery wedding invitations. Along the way, they each undergo their own personal journey, rediscovering their lives as they come across new encounters…

So, what makes it the number 1 film that broke the Malaysia’s box office records for local movies?

1781645_1474365226112234_51799564_oA meaningful story that touches on cultural clashes, family and most importantly, unfulfilled dreams. All of this takes place in the beautiful landscape of Malaysia that will take your breadth away. The fish out of water premise provides comedy and if you’re Asian, you’d probably nod our head as you laugh because the jokes will feel very familiar.
Laughter aside, the film has brought tears to many audiences..hey, if a film makes you cry (not because it’s too awful), it’s a good film 🙂 There’s a reason why nobody left the cinema even when the credits were rolling, it was really touching to see all the audience still seated till the end of the credits roll…a rare sight here in Singapore.

journey7The film has an excellent soundtrack as well, below you’ll find some of the music videos but becareful of spoilers if you haven’t watched it cinemas!

Once in awhile comes a film that revives your heart a little and this is The Journey you have to take.

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《一路有你》电影主题曲《一步距离》官方完整版MV (The film’s theme song)

“The Better Half ” 完整版 《一路有你》片尾曲首次曝光 – 献上深深的祝福 (The film’s ending song)