How far would you go for your dreams?

狂舞派POSTERThe Way We Dance 狂舞派 came as a surprise for Hong Kong last year. Directed by Adam Wong Sau Ping, the film centers around Ah Fa, an aspiring dancer who would go over the limits and follow her passion for dance.

The film runs at 1 hour and 50 minutes, which could have cut down on some scenes for better pacing. Excellent dance choreography keep your seated throughout, hoping for more. Though Ah Fa herself and the supporting characters don’t have an inspiring enough journey for you to follow, there’s just enough substance to hold the film together.

Cherry Ngan’s acting is much to be praised. For a newcomer, she delivers quite well. It’s nice to see new faces that might have a chance to bloom in Hong Kong’s entertainment industry. Overall, the film lacks its own character but contains just enough juice to to keep you entertained. May we see a better development in the sequel.