Trailer: Z Storm 《Z風暴》2014

Ahoy there! We have yet another Hong Kong filmed containing the word “風暴”, and starring Gordon Lam as well. From the looks of the trailer, it seems more exciting than last year’s Whitestorm《風暴》. But you know…one cannot place the verdict too early until they catch the film in cinemas. Nonetheless, definitely looking forward to June!

Upcoming: Overheard 3 竊聽風雲 3

Overheard 1 was decent…Overheard 2 was WOW and now, Overheard 3, I can’t wait…just how cool is this trailer? Overheard 3 竊聽風雲 3 Another one: The story this time revolves around the issue of housing, one that is central to most Hong Kong people. Evil, darker and bolder…that’s what I feel is coming you way…