Triumph In The Skies《衝上雲霄》電影版 Review

704_1516402_989506 I’m very much a fan of the drama series and had much anticipation for the film! Of course, I was also hoping the story won’t turn out to be a flop…there’s always a chance for a star studded film to be destroyed by a script that isn’t well polished.

I had the chance to watch the Valentine’s Day preview in Hong Kong as it coincides with my trip to dim sum land. It was also at the theatre where they held the premiere earlier on but oh well, I wasn’t present though I’d love to be there. Captured some photos of the displays, they even had standees which were like photo booths so you can pose with your favourite captains.

IMG_20150214_180435 IMG_20150214_180352 IMG_20150214_180308Now, back to the film…

I felt like I’ve just watched the first episode for a brand new season of Triumph In The Skies III – there isn’t enough meat and the film doesn’t offer any perspective about love. But it’d totally be great, if there was episode 2,3….40, where love relationships unfold and we get a better taste of what each character’s story has to offer.

What we have here is 3 seperate love stories each helm by the charming male leads – Francis Ng (aka Captain Tong, Sam Gor), Julian Cheung (Captain Cool) and Louis Koo (who weren’t from the original drama). Handsome actors and pretty actresses yes, but this is probably one of the most boring rom-coms I’ve seen.

The background is as uninteresting – the merger of two airlines, one of which is Louis’ family business. But then, this is not very important at all because afterall, this movie says nothing else about airplanes/working as the crew/life of a captain/yada yada…you get it, it’s just three pilot’s love story. Don’t expect to see much of the cockpit either.

Let’s take a look at the three love stories.

Francis Ng & Sammi Cheng
Put a serious Captain and a handsome rock star together (yes, Sammi’s really handsome here) and what do you get?

10422204_718113958301457_8687407102848291982_nThe chemistry between Francis and Sammi Cheng brings sparks to the film. Needless to say, the two veterans portray their roles well. Meeting each other on a MV shoot, they slowly develop feelings for each other. Another highlight of this film is Sammi’s version of the song – Over The Rainbow.

10177996_718113988301454_1649038990387731365_nDoes Boy gets Girl at the end? Happy endings are quite common for CNY films…

Julian Cheung and Amber Kuo
Fans of Captain Cool will enjoy every moment of this suave Captain’s appearance. He is…as cool as usual, he even cosplays with Amber as Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. Who’d have thought of this to happen?


10959499_716572725122247_854900277382765841_nLouis Koo and Charmaine Sheh
Both of them were not from the original series, but they do add commercial value to the film. A generic love story of boy-needs-to-man-family-business hence a break up. Years later, they…reunite. In a gist, that’s it. Something interesting about this plot? The recurring joke about the can of shaving cream.

173495603MAYBE they should consider developing a love story between Captain Tong and Captain Cool…kudos to fans who created this image:

005PmdkJjw1eorrwm6v0tj317o1pr7wiI’m guessing most people who’ve watch the drama will want to catch the film. I’m not saying No…it’s still a light-hearted, kind of feel good rom com but with nothing much to take away. But you know what? I’d still like to buy the DVD when it’s out, after all…I’m a fan =)



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