Louis Koo, Louis Koo and More

The second half of 2015 will of course see more of Louis Koo. Every time you step into the cinema, it’s very likely you’ll see at least one of his films flashing on the screens.

Here’s a quick flashback of his exciting filmography so far:
FEB 2015 – 12 Golden Ducks, An Inspector Calls, Triumph In The Skies
MAR 2015 – Little Big Master
JUN 2015 – SPL II
JULY 2015 – Paris Holiday
AUG 2015 – Wild City

I’m contemplating about making a monthly calendar featuring him already.

I’ll definitely insert some exciting Louis Koo trailers for you but before that, let’s take a look at what else is coming our way for the second half of 2015! Yay!

Attack On Titan Live Action Movie
I have personally watch the anime and can’t wait for it to be on the big screens! 

From the director who brought you Farewell My Concubine, we have his latest film Monk Comes Down The Mountain 道士下山 

I Am Somebody 我是路人甲 – beware, there’s like a 3 second glimpse of Louis Koo inside. Starring film extras from Hengdian, this is something to look forward to. Directed by Derek Yee, not to mention Tony Leung Chiu Wai wrote a touching review, and Shu Qi recently added hers.


To The Fore 破風 – Dante Lam and Eddie Peng come together again after Unbeatable. Choi Si Wons stars in this too, he’s been quite active in Hong Kong productions. Of dreams and passions of cycling, can’t wait to see what Dante Lam has in store for us.


Wild City 迷城 Starring…yes, Louis Koo.


Last but not least, if you’re looking for a Paris Holiday 巴黎假期

I hope James Yuen really provides enough romance for us in this one.

i have no intentions to make fun of Louis Koo in any way. I still support his films 🙂



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