What’s cooking up in the Asian film scene?

Say you attended your best friend’s wedding and met Shu Qi, William Feng, Victoria Song and Rhydian Vaughan (鳳小岳)…


You got quite bored and bumped into duo Huang Xiao Ming and Andy Lau who say they wanna serve you some comedy while firing their guns. 


Some moments later, another duo Sean Lau and Nicholas Tse who made the bullets vanished performed their special again and made Huang Xiao Ming and Andy Lau vanish this time…

《驚天破》Heartfall Arises

After which Sean Lau invites you to visit his《危城》and also pay a visit to his handsome buddy Louis Koo…


And then you have no idea why Louis Koo appears again in yet another movie…

《使徒行者》Line Walker

You start to count how many movies Louis Koo has starred in this year but lost count. Did he break his record last year or…? A figure approaches you and you see his good friend Francis Ng appears in front of you.

He tells you to 《保持沈默》Remain Silent on the number of times Louis Koo films has appeared in cinemas this year or else…

《保持沈默》Remain Silent


What else is cooking up in the Asian film scene? Stay tune for more!

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