I remember, I was only about 4 or 5, sitting on my father’s lap as I remained glued to the flickering screen in the cinema. There were glimpses of Jet Li and what seemed like a Wong Fei Hung movie. That was my first memory of watching a film. I remember seeing men with pigtails fighting on top of a train, but I can never figure out which film it was that I actually watched. Was it really Jet Li I saw, or was it another Chinese martial arts film? The memory may be blurred but it always remains as my first contact with the big screen, and Asian films.

I am not a professional film critic, I’m just somebody who hope to share with you how I feel about some of the movies I’ve watched. You can just treat me as the kid who grew up watching Asian films and still love them today. For I am very much still a kid =)

I hope you find something to take back with you, and feel free to cook up a discussion!


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