Crazy N’ The City《神經俠侶》2005

说道这期最红的老爸,肯定是这位到目前已拥有许多绰号的吴镇宇。“吴三岁”,“吴妈”,“坑娃神爹” 等都是网民为他取的名字。 “吴镇宇”这三个字,也许让你想到的第一个画面是《冲上云霄》里迷死人帅到爆的 Captain Samuel Tong, 或是 《难兄难弟》里扮演四哥谢贤的那个 “谢源”。这两部经典港剧都是当年许多人不停追看的。由跑龙套开始的他当然也在电影里给我们留下很多深刻的角色。。。其中不能不提的是《古惑仔》里的人渣𡃁坤, 这个。。。就不用多解释了吧。与其说他专演坏人,不如说他在荧幕里形相千变万化!   近期 《爸爸去哪儿》第二季火红,而其中人气最高的一位就是吴镇宇爸爸啦!相信不少人都被这位外冷内热的吴爸爸吸引了。。。我先举手承认。一边骂儿子 Feynman 又一边疼爱他,这深深的父爱用言语是形容不出的。 回想起来。。。吴镇宇的电影我也看过不少。除了那些坏坏的角色,大家别忘记他也是一个深情的演员,演过不少文艺片!今天,要说的一部就是我非常喜欢的《神經俠侶》:)

Trailer: Temporary Family 失戀急讓

Housing, property prices…hot topics among Hong Kong citizens. Here we have a romantic comedy revolving around this issue. Starring Nick Cheung and Sammi Cheng =) (if you look closely at the trailer, you’ll spot Dayo Wong as well!) Out in cinemas this August!

Trailer: Z Storm 《Z風暴》2014

Ahoy there! We have yet another Hong Kong filmed containing the word “風暴”, and starring Gordon Lam as well. From the looks of the trailer, it seems more exciting than last year’s Whitestorm《風暴》. But you know…one cannot place the verdict too early until they catch the film in cinemas. Nonetheless, definitely looking forward to June!

Upcoming: Overheard 3 竊聽風雲 3

Overheard 1 was decent…Overheard 2 was WOW and now, Overheard 3, I can’t wait…just how cool is this trailer? Overheard 3 竊聽風雲 3 Another one: The story this time revolves around the issue of housing, one that is central to most Hong Kong people. Evil, darker and bolder…that’s what I feel is coming you way…

33rd Hong Kong Film Awards 第33屆香港電影金像獎 (2014)

Here we have fresh from the oven, the winners of the 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards! 2014 is indeed a great year for Wong Kar Wai…brace yourselves from The Grandmasters‘ as you continue to read the list… 最佳電影 Best Film: 一代宗師The Grandmaster 最佳導演 Best Director: 王家衛(一代宗師)Wong Kar Wai (The Grandmaster) 最佳編劇 Best Screenplay: 鄒靜之、徐皓峰、王家衛(一代宗師)Zou Jingzhi,…

Review: The Way We Dance 狂舞派 (2013)

How far would you go for your dreams? The Way We Dance 狂舞派 came as a surprise for Hong Kong last year. Directed by Adam Wong Sau Ping, the film centers around Ah Fa, an aspiring dancer who would go over the limits and follow her passion for dance. The film runs at 1 hour…